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Ken-Tonio Yamamoto

The O’Bannon-scripted, Moebius-drawn strip The Long Tomorrow had a major impact on Ridley Scott, later forming a basis for Blade Runner’s visual style. (via)‘After a while [Moebius] got tired of me looking over his shoulder, so he asked me to go and write him a comic-book story, a graphic story that he could publish in his magazineMetal Hurlant. It was of course a film noir in the future … Ridley kind of did an unauthorised borrowing of that city for Blade Runner, and he’s right - it does make a good image!’-Dan O’Bannon,‘I was having lunch with Ridley, and when the conversation turned to inspiration, we were both very clear about our debt to the Metal Hurlant [the original Heavy Metal magazine] school of the ’70s–Moebius and the others. But it was also obvious that Scott understood the importance of information density to perceptual overload. When Blade Runner works best, it induces a lyrical sort of information sickness, that quintessentially postmodern cocktail of ecstasy and dread. It was what cyberpunk was supposed to be all about.’-William Gibson, cyberpunk author. ‘I was steeped in Heavy Metal comics of that particular time, like Metal Hurlant and a lot of Moebius’ stuff actually. I was impressed by that, and in those days I wondered, “How do I apply this to movies? How do I apply this really fresh and beautiful visual thinking to film?”’-Ridley Scott, Making of Alien, 2003.‘I think really one should really mention Moebius, because I think Moebius in a funny way is the, is the father of this kind of weird thinking ‘cause I was staring at Moebius magazines -I had them stacked in my study when I was a commercial maker, even before I did The Duellists- and I was going through these thinking, my god, they’re a great vision of futuristic ideas, so I, you know, I was influenced almost totally by Moebius.’-Ridley Scott, Hero Complex Festival, 2010.
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the god machine - in bad dreams

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